Welcome to Swim to Liberty.

Hello!! Welcome to Swim to Liberty! At Swim to Liberty, we are focusing on helping people who are interested in how to swim but don’t know how to start! It’s a community where people sharing their experience and joys about swimming!


About ME

Hi everyone, I’m Sandy, a young designer. I know it’s weird to hear a designer to promote something about exercising like swimming. Let me share you guys about my story!

I majored in architecture design, living in an extremely unhealthy life before. Being Always busy and staying up late all the time, my body had become worsen and worsen. Finally, my body started to crashed which was easy to get sick. Moreover, I can’t stand to this type of life and I don’t want to live this way. As a result, I start to think and figure out if there is some other ways to alter this kind of unhealthy condition. I wanna change~!!

I tried many ways. It was hard and tough. I found that swimming is an efficient way to exercise and it contains a bunch of fun~!! Let me take you to enjoy the paradise as you walk through Swim to Liberty!!



Establishing the habit of swimming really improve my life. And most importantly, my body recovers and even becomes stronger than it was before. What’s more, exercising enhances my working efficiency since it somehow keep my brain refreshing. To sum up, swimming does make my life better~! As a result, I’d like to promote this good way and help others to live a better life as well. Through Swim to Liberty, I’d like to share the joy to more people and help out more people to live a healthier life~!!



Here are some goals about Swim to Liberty that I’d like to help you out as you walk through the website~!!

  1. Teaching you some skills and knowledge about swimming
  2. Sharing experiences and stories about swimming
  3. How to eat a healthier diet coping with swimming

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Sandy Zheng

founder of Swim to Liberty


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